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inexcusable adj
1 without excuse or justification [ant: excusable]
2 not excusable [syn: unforgivable]

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  1. not excusable


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Inexcusable is a 2005 novel written by Chris Lynch in the young adult genre. Through first-person narration, it chronicles the life of high school senior Keir Sarafian.

Plot summary

The novel begins with Keir arguing with Gigi over the events which occurred the night before. Gigi has accused Keir of raping her. The book continues with Keir going over the events that led to this night, and how this could have happened.


  • Keir Sarafian: Keir is the protagonist of the novel.
  • Gigi Boudakian: Gigi is Keir's best friend.
  • Ray Sarafian: Ray is Keir's father.
  • Quarterback Ken: Ken is the quarterback of Keir's football team.
  • Fran and Mary Sarafian: Fran and Mary are Keir's sisters.

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